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A brief about range of products we offer


Hairline polish finish

Endless polishing lines give the hairline, long -grain or Fine line finish its unique appearance make it more reflective than a NO-4 finish.

No-8 finish

The NO.8 finish polish is defined as buffed to a mirror like appearance without any fine polishing line & pinhole defects, truly it is super mirror polish. Widely used in Decorative panel, column cladding & in Interior.

Embossed finish

A raised effect achieved with a projection of up to 4mm to 5mm& than if require we can go for Ti-PVD to achieve required colour. As its surface is Anti-skid & reflective surface widely used in elevator industry and interior projects.



NO 4 finish

It is produced by cutting the surface with the Abrasive belts which remove very small amounts without affecting its thickness. This is non-reflective (low reflective) finish which absorbs surrounding lights & colour.
This is used widely for general purpose finish on the article which will suffer from fairly rough handling in-service as well as used where appearance is important.

Etched finish

Etched patterns are created by selectively applying a protective acid resistance film to a highly polished surface & acid etched the unprotected area the etching removes a thin layer of stainless steel changes colour to dull silver grey. The etched pattern can be left as is or made more reflective. Very different decorative patterns can be achieved & then if require we can go for Ti-PVD to achieve required colour. Widely used for interiors & decor & elevator cabins.

PVD coating

This technical term is used for Ti-gas Physical Vapour Deposition Process. This is highly resistance to corrosion & No lacquer coating needed.
Beautiful colour range achieve like – Gold, Rose Gold, Champaign Gold, Dark Bronze, Slack, Coffee, Copper, Red wine, slue. This is a great replacement of copper Alloy. Widely used in decoration Products by elevators cabinet, signboard & interiors projects.


Metal Stamping is a manufacturing process in which STAINLESS STEEL SHEETS are fed in a high tonnage press between stamping dies. Due to the pressure of press the desired stamping design is imprinted on the sheet

Scotch brite finish

It has a different look than NO-4 & hairline, but very near to its appearance.

This No-4 / hairline / Scotch Brite / No.8 Super Mirror / Vibrating / Ti-PVD finish sheets widely used in Interior Wall, Pillar Cladding, elevators cabinets & doors, escalator cladding, home appliances, Utensils, kitchen cabinets, display counters, Reception & Bar Counters, interior & exterior projects Signboard (Signage) Manufacturers. At our stock yards all the material are readily available in all 200, 300, 400 series in standard size – 4ft x 8ft, we can supply in length of loft or l2ft also against the order.