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JAINOX offers
  • Customised Solutions for profiles and channels
  • High quality Stainless Steel Solutions
  • On request Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Embossed Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Etching designs Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Stamping Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Titanium Coating Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Titanium Fade Stainless Steel Solutions
  • Premium Stainless Steel Solutions

A brief about range of products we offer


Profiles and Channels

Stainless steel profiles and channels generally called as stainless steel trims are used widely as inlays on floors, walls, ceiling, bathroom decoration, hotels and building lobbies, lift jamb lines and even at malls profiles are installed at shop divider pillars and passage areas.

We at JAINOX ENGINEERS can customise any types of profiles according to the size ,colours and shape given.


Hairline polish finish

Endless polishing lines give the hairline, long -grain or Fine line finish its unique appearance make it more reflective than a NO-4 finish.

No-8 finish

The NO.8 finish polish is defined as buffed to a mirror like appearance without any fine polishing line & pinhole defects, truly it is super mirror polish. Widely used in Decorative panel, column cladding & in Interior.

Embossed finish

A raised effect achieved with a projection of up to 4mm to 5mm& than if require we can go for Ti-PVD to achieve required colour. As its surface is Anti-skid & reflective surface widely used in elevator industry and interior projects.



NO 4 finish

It is produced by cutting the surface with the Abrasive belts which remove very small amounts without affecting its thickness. This is non-reflective (low reflective) finish which absorbs surrounding lights & colour.
This is used widely for general purpose finish on the article which will suffer from fairly rough handling in-service as well as used where appearance is important.

Etched finish

Etched patterns are created by selectively applying a protective acid resistance film to a highly polished surface & acid etched the unprotected area the etching removes a thin layer of stainless steel changes colour to dull silver grey. The etched pattern can be left as is or made more reflective. Very different decorative patterns can be achieved & then if require we can go for Ti-PVD to achieve required colour. Widely used for interiors & decor & elevator cabins.

PVD coating

This technical term is used for Ti-gas Physical Vapour Deposition Process. This is highly resistance to corrosion & No lacquer coating needed.
Beautiful colour range achieve like – Gold, Rose Gold, Champaign Gold, Dark Bronze, Slack, Coffee, Copper, Red wine, slue. This is a great replacement of copper Alloy. Widely used in decoration Products by elevators cabinet, signboard & interiors projects.


Metal Stamping is a manufacturing process in which STAINLESS STEEL SHEETS are fed in a high tonnage press between stamping dies. Due to the pressure of press the desired stamping design is imprinted on the sheet

Scotch brite finish

It has a different look than NO-4 & hairline, but very near to its appearance.

This No-4 / hairline / Scotch Brite / No.8 Super Mirror / Vibrating / Ti-PVD finish sheets widely used in Interior Wall, Pillar Cladding, elevators cabinets & doors, escalator cladding, home appliances, Utensils, kitchen cabinets, display counters, Reception & Bar Counters, interior & exterior projects Signboard (Signage) Manufacturers. At our stock yards all the material are readily available in all 200, 300, 400 series in standard size – 4ft x 8ft, we can supply in length of loft or l2ft also against the order.